Tuesday, May 16, 2006



(with edits, comments and ending anecdote by lovebean)
Don't cut down that tree - it may be the home of an elf

Yep . . . I believe in the "wee folk", the "old ones" and the nature spirits: the mysterious and invisible intelligences that have lived on earth for a very long time - betwixt and between realities - right along with humans.

Just because we adults don't often see them ... doesn't mean they don't exist.

It is precisely because we have "grown up", have become "adults" and have "put away childish things" that we no longer see or hear them. Nonetheless, they continue to exist.

With all its fantastic characters of elves, fairies, wee hobbit folk, and spooky creatures - the movie based on the old classic Lord of the Rings became a huge hit loved by millions. Why is that? And why is it that the most beloved of childhood stories are about elves and fairies: stories that are very old and date back to ancient cultures yet are still valued today?

We seem to have collective memories of an era on earth when the "doorways" to other realities were much more open and accessible than they are today. And a lot of that has to do with the changes in our beliefs as well as the changes in the way we use our brains.

Many of you reading this also saw and heard things as small children that others did not ... but you soon forgot much of it. And we forgot largely because we were invalidated and taught NOT to believe. And so a very significant door to other worlds was closed very early in life.

Access to other realities begins with brain wave states

I learned in hypnotherapy training that we have four basic electrical brain wave frequency states: beta, alpha, theta and delta.

We are in beta when we're fully awake and going about our daily routine - and it is also the brain wave state where anxiety, worry, tension and stress is produced ; we are in alpha when we're relaxed, reflective, meditative, just beginning to fall asleep ... or even when we're doing repetitive tasks like driving along a familiar road; we are in theta when we're highly creative, deep in day-dreaming, birthing a new idea, having a revelation, deep trance-channeling, having a religious/mystical experience or gaining inspired insights; we're in delta when we are in a deep state of both dreaming or dreamless sleep.
(Is this commonly chanted brain wave garble true? How can we learn to change our brain waves and hence states of consciousness at will, becoming perfectly agile in response to every situation we encounter? )

We experience all of these states at different times in various forms. Although we can tap into the highly creative state of theta, the vast majority of folks visit the theta state only briefly while slipping from alpha on our way down into deep-sleep delta ... and then again when we rise from delta on the way up to alpha and full wakefulness.

It is while we are in the theta state - a primarily right brained activity - where we achieve our fullest potential for high creativity and profound insights as well as spiritual/religious ecstasy ... AND where we can access other dimensional realities.

But why is such a powerful brain wave stage like theta experienced mostly in the sleep state? Isn't that a waste of a very good thing? Well ... it wasn't always this way for us!

The Gift of Childhood

When we were children, the theta state took the larger percentage of our waking state. In fact, from birth to around 6 or 7 children are in the theta state far more than the other brain-wave state. This makes sense because children are highly creative in their play and imagination: it's switched on all the time.

It is also during this time when children are likely to have invisible playmates or companions - which may include invisible animals (invisible to others that is!). Children also tend to see and hear many things that older kids and adults regularly dismiss as the over-active imagination of a child - simply because they themselves don't see or hear that which is very real to the child.

Unfortunately, small children also lack the ability to accurately describe their experiences which compounds the confusion or disbelief. In addition to that, until they learn the words, children may not even be aware that what they see or hear is not visible or audible to others ... they just accept it as another part of "their world" and may not significantly react.

The Test (Wow! Can't wait to try this! LB)

When I am in the presence of infants and one or two year olds - whether standing in line at a public place or at a gathering - I often give them "the test" to see how aware they are. No one else knows I'm doing this ... but the child knows.

Once their gaze is on me, I create a strong mental image of a ball of light around my left or right shoulder. Then I move it around using my mind. I will change its color or split it up into many smaller balls of light. Most children will follow the light with their eyes wherever I have moved it. It's quite fascinating.

None of these children ever respond in a manner that indicates fear, surprise or concern ... and so they never make any motion to alert their parent who is holding them or standing right next to them. They simply watch the movement that I'm creating with my mind. The whole experience goes unnoticed by mom or dad but the child is fully engaged in the experience of another realm of dimension.

Disbelief closes the door

When children are repeatedly laughed at, ignored or invalidated in regards to their experiences, it quickly sends a message to their vulnerable, fragile and developing character, that seeing or hearing certain things is not acceptable - and certainly not safe to talk about. And so children learn to turn off their awareness at a very early age.

As children become increasingly indoctrinated into the world of adults - with its secular beliefs, stressful societal expectations and highly structured school systems that reward intellectual development and achievement over soul nourishment and creative genius - the theta state increasingly shrinks while the alpha and beta states continue to grow ... especially the beta state.

Consequently, the door to a marvelous world is closed ... and may remain closed for the rest of one's life ... only to be briefly regained upon entering the last stages of dying. (See www.worldofalternatives.com for brain wave meditation files that help restore the coherence of each brain wave state plus variability - soon to be tested by LB!)

Some adults are fortunate enough to rebuild that lost connection and have found ways to integrate it into their lives in a beneficial fashion; but only after they have dissolved a great deal of the intellectual conditioning and "adult" belief systems they were taught.

Personal experience

As a child, I remember seeing and hearing more of the "other-worldly" things ... far more than I do now. In regards to the "wee folk" - and long before I could use words to explain, describe or tell others what I saw - I remember small dwarfish-looking people - like old men with bushy beards and funny hats - who appeared suddenly and then just as suddenly disappeared. They were as solid and real as any other human being. Their favorite places to appear seemed to be out in the garden or in the wild places of nature.

Even when I eventually learned enough words to tell about what I saw, it was painful to be laughed at, teased, invalidated or have my stories ignored. So I stopped talking about such things.

I also remember a very wise, invisible friend who was always with me as a child. Although I don't remember what this friend looked like, I distinctly remember the impressions it left on my mind - which seemed to be more telepathic in nature. The friend was kind, gentle and all-knowing ... a "voice-without-words" that explained many things to me about life. (Know your guides - who are they really? LB)

For example: as a child I sometimes saw disturbing personalities in the eyes of another or felt actual pain in my body when exposed to the incongruencies of human behavior - deceit, jealousy, rudeness, unkindness, disrespect, pretense, meanness, hypocrisy, hostility and violence.

My wise and invisible friend would "explain" to me why there was such darkness in many humans and that most people went to great lengths to hide the truth of their nature from others out of great fear (otherwise known as denial!). It was further explained that because of my sensitivities I was much more aware of this dark, disturbing aspect which was not often recognized by others until a particular kind of interaction forced it into plain view. Gaining this understanding from my unseen friend gave me some level of comfort.

Unfortunately, pain happened so often that I learned to shut down and tune out by retreating deeply into my inner world: I became a very quiet child. I avoided looking directly into the eyes of others because I didn't want to see those disturbing images nor feel the painful vibes --- much in the same way that many autistic children do by avoiding eye contact or by avoiding directly interacting with others.

Along with that, I felt- and still feel to this day - physical discomfort whenever harmless pets or wild animals are hurt or killed and also when trees are cut down and forests are devastated. In more severe cases the discomfort is just too difficult to bare. I feel that same pain when children, the innocent, the seriously ill or the extreme elderly are harmed or taken advantage of. Sometimes I become distraught over such situations while at other times anger rises up and I am moved to take action. Many times I have taken a stand for someone who could not do it for themselves.

Later on in my young adulthood, I learned to work with my keen sensitivities in a more effective manner. I learned to become more resilient and I learned that when I focused more on the good in others, that their darker natures became less threatening and less painful.

Even though I have retained some of my sensitivities that allow me to see and hear into other worlds and to know what others are thinking or feeling ... its not nearly as strong, sharp or clear as it was when I was a child: probably because it can feel like a burden at times and I don't want to know so much! (The BIG question! How to maintain these sensitivities without injury? Is transformation of the energy the key? Or live and let be?....LB)

The "wee people" gradually faded from physical view as I grew up and I have not seen them in solid form since. Fortunately, they do continue to appear as shadowy, wispy shapes ... especially when I go camping or hiking out in nature. I can still "hear" them and can often catch a fleeting glimpse. They give me guidance or direction when I am out alone in the wilderness. I have been "saved" and protected more than once by their timely interventions!

So before moving that boulder, before cutting down that tree, before devastating the wild places on earth ... it may be wise to consider that our actions may be upsetting a whole lot more than we think ... as will be seen in the article below.

Namaste' ~ Paula Peterson.

LoveBean anecdote - This weekend some friends and I were testing young trees with muscle testing that had been salvaged from a violent unearthing and thrown into a truck to be destroyed. Instead of being destroyed the trees were rescued by friends who planted them in a field in the shape of a Sri Yantra. Some of the trees were not doing very well, so we used muscle testing to help understand why and naet to remove any blockages. One of the little trees (an oak) had a problem absorbing and using one or more minerals in the soil. This was corrected with a naet treatment. In addition, it had an "emotional" blockage (an etheric body blockage?) toward violence due to the way it had been treated in the past. We were about to remove this blockage when one of the owners of the land approached and told us the history of the tree, how it had been ripped out of the ground and tossed into a truck for destruction. After the story he then said outloud "I think the trees here are very happy because they know we will never cut them down and will always take care of them". At that point it struck me that him passing on this attitude to the tree was all that was needed in order to remove the tree's "emotional" blockage. Upon retesting the tree, it indeed no longer had the emotional blockage and hence no need to treat it!