Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cold/Flu Therapy

***Update 16/4/2007 The person on whom this therapy was done told me that he usually spends about 2 weeks under the flu each year when he gets it. This therapy was started on Saturday afternoon. By monday most symptoms were gone and by Wednesday the last of the out of balance feeling was gone.

Cold/Flu symptoms can easily be gone in 24-48 hours following intense herbal/natural therapy. There are many different ways to approach cold/flu that work, depending on the resources you have available at the time. Below is a program I used this weekend (minus step 5 and the dosages of 1 and 2 were less frequent - regulate frequency based on intensity of illness and reaction of person in therapy) on an adult with mild flu symptoms with intense sore throat and mucous discharge. Sore throat was completely gone in 8 hours, all symptoms gone in 32 hours.

Asterisks are therapies that were not included but that I would have included if the flu/cold was more intense than mild.

1) 1 tsp raw honey with 5 drops lemon essential oil once every 2 hours
***add half clove minced garlic and a pinch of cayenne pepper and increase frequency to once every hour (also in case of strep throat)

2) 15 drops alcohol tincture of propoli directly into the throat once every 2 hours

3) Raindrop technique

4) Diffuse essential oils of cinnamon, lemon, eucalyptus, clove (I used Young Living blends Purification and Theives together. In case of chest congestion/cough, use their RC blend) in a non-heat diffuser.

5) Aid Fever:
Hot bath (at least 40 degrees C) for 45 minutes, finish with cold shower for 1 minute then wrap body from head to foot and stay in bed at least 2 hours if not the night. While in the bath drink plenty of the tea described in number 6.
***Cold sheet treatment

6) Tea: Licorice root (immune stimulant, liver protection, soothes mucus membranes), mint (general system stimulant), yarrow (encourages sweating) and elder flower (anti-viral). Drink from 3-6 cups daily.

7) The person I was working with ate only with appetite, which was very little. This is ideal and the general rule is in mild cases remove all dairy and simple sugars (except the honey therapy), in more extreme cases only ingest vegetable juices or in most extreme cases only water in addition to the tea.

8) Lots of rest!


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