Monday, August 08, 2005

The Heart Tuner

The key to the research I want to do

I get Dan Winter!

The research possibilities are endless! So are the healing applications!

Someone needs to make his stuff understandable for the average Joe though.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Red Alert

August 2, 2005
By Stan Deyo

This RED ALERT is the first of its kind I've ever made in the 9 years of studying seismic event indicators. It is so huge that I almost can't believe my eyes. The importance and severity of this has impressed me more significantly than when I predicted and warned about the coming December 26, 2004 Indonesian events beginning December 22.

For the last 6 days, I've seen indications of a large number of earthquake pressures building across a 2,000-mile long arc in the North Pacific. At first, I thought these indications were a result of large storms so I disregarded them. Until this afternoon when a listener (thanks Dan) heard my radio broadcast and emailed information to me, I wasn't able to explain the cause of this discovery.

Below you will see white arrows pointing at this arc of signals that have appeared over the last 6 days. They are heading straight into Mendocino, CA to the area where 3 tectonic plates meet. Notice on today's image and for 5 days preceding, the clear definition of this phenomenon. It is occurring all along what is called the Mendocino Fault Zone or Ridge. This is a place where the sea floor rises up to within 1,203 yards of sea surface 168 miles west of Mendocino, CA. It's been the subject of a great many technical papers in the world of geology and seismicity.

Today, news came to us of the collapse of the resurgent dome at Mt. St. Helens. There have been a number of small earthquakes in the range of 3.0 over the last 2 weeks at Mt. St. Helens. Scientists monitoring this claim to be a loss to explain the cause.

Depending on how large and how many seismic events release along the Mendocino Ridge in the near future, where it connects to California could trigger releases not only to the San Andreas Fault map (and San Andreas photo), but also the Juan De Fuca Plate. Juan de Fuca is the only major zone on the great Ring of Fire around the Pacific that hasn't seen a major seismic event in the last 50 years. I don't need to explain the implications of such an event. When this occurs, it will be one of the greatest catastrophes in America history.

HOWEVER, since I have never seen an event of this size in the making, I don't know if it will back off and come back again several times before releasing. All I am sure of is that it's a unique event in my 9 years of monitoring these seismic indicators.

At the very least, you should be sure your emergency stocks of food, water and medicines are what they should be for such an event. We will continue to monitor this situation and are already warning on radio broadcasts. It has the potential to produce enormous tidal waves throughout the Pacific Basic.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Constitution of Man

The Constitution of Man

The constitution of man, as considered in the following pages, is basically threefold, as follows:

I. The Monad, or pure Spirit, the Father in Heaven.

This aspect reflects the three aspects of the Godhead:

  1. Will or Power - The Father
  2. Love-wisdom - The Son
  3. Active Intelligence - The Holy Spirit

and is only contacted at the final initiations, when man is nearing the end of his journey and is perfected. The Monad reflects itself again in

II. The Ego, Higher Self, or Individuality.

This aspect is potentially

  1. Spiritual Will - Atma
  2. Intuition - Buddhi, Love-wisdom, the Christ principle
  3. Higher or abstract Mind - Higher Manas

The Ego begins to make its power felt in advanced men, and increasingly on the Probationary Path until by the third initiation the control of the lower self by the higher is perfected, and the highest aspect begins to make its energy felt.

The Ego reflects itself in

III. The Personality, or lower self, physical plane man.

This aspect is also threefold

  1. A mental body lower - manas
  2. An emotional body - astral body
  3. A physical body - the dense physical and the etheric body

The aim of evolution is therefore to bring man to the realization of the Egoic aspect and to bring the lower nature under its control. [1]