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CFIDS - holistic view

CFIDS - holistic view

by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

Man as a whole

The aura as an energetic protective shell

  1. The color or frequency of the aura
  2. The thickness of the aura
  3. The form of the aura

CFIDS and Spirituality

Man as a whole

In order to be able to understand the chronical fatigue syndrome in its whole variety, as usual in the naturopathy - you have to regard man as multi-dimensional entireness consisting of body, mind and spirit (1). The extensive symptom complex shows quite clearly beside physical also mental (psychological) and mental up to spiritual symptoms. This alone already shows the fact that CFIDS is not a conventional "disease" and that classical-school medical measures alone will not help. The search for the causes will further show us that also an additional dimension of the human existence plays an important role, i.e. the body-own energy field. In the esoteric literature this energy field was always called the aura. The natural science, which could prove existence of this energy field in the meantime, speaks of the bio photon field or of the ultra weak cell radiation. It is scientifically proven that the state of this energy field correlates with the state of health. Thus, before we may enter into the details of CFIDS, we must talk some words about the aura.

The aura as an energetic protective shell

It is to be owed to today's refined measuring procedures of biophysics that science could prove the existence of the aura in the meantime. Nearly each human organ is surrounded by its own magnetic field (2). Furthermore, living matter is continuously surrounded by a weak radiation of light, which is based on the rules of quantum physics and proceeds mainly from the DNA (Desoxyribonucleic acid). This molecule, which takes the form of a wound double helix, as well known, is due to this form an ideal electromagnetic antenna, which may serve as transmitter and receiver. Furthermore, the DNA may store absorbed light radiation in each cell of our body, according to the results of most modern research. This memory mechanism is based on the characteristic of the DNA to be superconducting at normal body temperature. Each DNA molecule is surrounded by a light field, a so-called Soliton wave (3).

Latest research from Russia came to the result that the information absorbed with the light (e.g. the information, which was impressed to an electromagnetic wave for the purpose of technical data communication - radio, television, telecommunications etc.) is understood and processed by the DNA, no matter whether this information is beneficial for the body or not. (More in our article "The Biological Chip in our Cells")

Thus the human aura field becomes the sixth sense of man, more exactly: a further communication organ. Using our electromagnetic radiant emittance - the body-own magnetic field and the bio photon radiation - we interact with the radiant emittance of other organisms, and, in addition, with the energy fields of earth (earth's magnetic field, Schumann frequencies (4)) and in present time of course with technical energy fields too. It is therefore no miracle that on one hand the constantly increasing wireless telecommunications, on the other hand the geophysical changes now happening on earth, are registered and to reactions by the human energy field and that they lead to reactions in body, mind and spirit. Likewise it is not amazing that these subtle changes are especially noticed by sensitive people. The effects become apparent both via the brain and the subconciousness, as well as directly via DNA communication in the body cells.

The seven main chakras of the human aura.

In esoteric these connections are well-known for centuries, and particularly spiritual people could often even notice them. Long time only scientific confirmation was missing. Thus we know for a long time that the auras of people not only differ from each other, but that also the energy radiation of humans is subject to a constant change during the life, thus it is a dynamic parameter. Even if in esoterical view the principal parts of the aura are located outside of space and time in a higher dimension, it has without doubt portions of electromagnetic nature, which are recordable with the terms of well-known physics. Due to this, the aura can be essentially characterized by three characteristics (5):

A. Colour or frequency of the aura

This is a parameter that probably indicates something as the degree of spiritual development of someone. Beside the main color, which slowly changes during life, additional colors usually arise in the aura, e.g. at the energy vortices of the Indian medicine, the chakras, but also locally in places with increased probability of disease. Altogether the human aura represents no purely monochromatic oscillation, but a frequency spectrum. Also in different aura layers different colors arise.

Hierbei handelt es sich um einen Parameter, der vermutlich so etwas wie den Entwicklungsgrad des Menschen angibt. Neben der Hauptfarbe, die sich im Verlaufe des Lebens nur langsam verändert, treten in der Regel im Aurabild zusätzliche lokale Farben auf, z. B. an den Energiewirbeln der indischen Medizin, den Chakren, aber auch an Stellen mit erhöhter Krankheitsdisposition. Insgesamt repräsentiert die menschliche Aura also keine rein monochromatische Schwingung, sondern ein Frequenzspektrum. Auch in verschiedenen Auraschichten treten unterschiedliche Farben auf.

B. Thickness of the aura

Like every electromagnetic field in physics the human aura extends in principle to infinity in all directions. This expresses in scientific terms the esoterical view that everything is connected with everything. However the field strength always decreases with increasing distance. Now, aura thickness is the range, where the aura is still perceptible for other people. The more largely this range is, the more largely is the sphere of influence of someone resp. the range covered by his perception with the aura.

C. Form of the aura

Both the observations of aura viewing sensitives and modern biophysical measurements resulted in the same fact: that the energy field of humans does not always surround the body completely and smoothly, but that it in some places bulges or even holes may be found. As rule of thumb we may say that the energy content of the aura is the larger, the more completely and more smoothly this field encloses the body. Physically we call this the field density, i.e. how near the lines of flux enclose the source of the field.

Thus the question already clarifies itself, why the subtle causes responsible for CFIDS are frequently particularly strongly noticed by sensitive and spiritual people. The reason is that the aura of these people did not develop evenly in all three parameters:

The frequency (and/or color) of the aura of sensitives is usually quite high, which makes these humans resonancable to more influences, than it is the case with other people with lower frequency. Spiritual training, e.g. Meditation or Yoga, usually also increase the aura thickness, i.e. these people stretch their unconscious communication feelers much further into their environment, than it corresponds to the average. We know about cases, where people are so sensitive that they cannot sleep at night if in Southeast Asia a volcano breaks out, although they live in Germany.

But the aura form, which determines the energy content and concomitantly the energetic strength, is often only badly developed. Such an aura with holes is anything but not the often-quoted "protective shell of light".

The reason is that in the aura field - we already mentioned it with the DNA - information is stored too. The aura interacts with the aura of another humans or with its environment and thus takes up electromagnetic radiation that always contains information. If this information is coherent with the own, thus the frequencies agree good and are the waves in phase, then it comes to a resonance. The energy of the aura increases by admission of this radiation. But if the information is disharmonic to our own, then the interference of the waves leads to a mutual extinction.

Everyone noticed sometimes during his life that there are people being "on the same wavelength" with him, as if they would understand each other without words. But with others he may argue with words as much as he wants, no communication takes place. Sometimes we feel internally strengthened and enriched during a meeting with another people, another time weakened and leached out.

Not only that disharmonic contacts lead to losses of energy in the aura (so-called blockades) - the information will be taken up by our hereditary substance, the DNA, together with the light energy and then will be processed in the cells, although it disturbs our own frequencies and this way is detrimental to our health. Thus the blockades are reproduced even by ourselves on cell level by the replication of the DNA, so they may “live” extremely long. Usually people carry loads from their whole life and in extreme cases even from earlier lives in their aura field. Of course for more sensitive people this is true too, and due to their higher susceptibility the effects become conscious even more quickly, and additionally they are also more vulnerable due to their larger openness in the aura range.

Not only contact with other people leads to such an interaction, but also contact with the earth itself, whose magnetic field and resonance frequencies are also subject to large local fluctuations. Thereby the phenomenon of geomanty might be explainable, why people classify some places as "places of the power" and other places rather as "negative"(6).

Nowadays the contact with technical energy fields has to be added as third aspect, which of course may be particularly harmful. Here especially telecommunication is concerned, since for the wireless transmission of cell phone discussions frequencies are used, which lie directly in the range of the resonance frequency of the DNA. Thus we may store contents of of any telephone call in our cells without even noticing it, and process its information, only because we passed through a "salad of waves".

Consciousness in the population for "electrical smog" is surely already quite pronounced today. Therefore it must be pointed out that both communication with the natural radiant emittances of the earth or other people may contribute to the CFIDS problem with same strength.

CFIDS and Spirituality

Since CFIDS is a symptom complex, concerning particularly frequently people who classify themselves as "spiritual", it is hardly amazing to regain a whole number of these symptoms also in today's esoteric literature. There, however, you will not read about the chronical fatigue syndrome, but about "symptoms of the global transformation process", which the earth and humans living on earth have to go through, in order to develop a so-called "light body".

As we saw, this image is quite correct, however in these informations, mostly “channelled” from spiritual sources they are placed into a wrong context, what is not far from purposeful disinformation (7). In unawareness of the physical and physical fundamentals in such writings is stated very often that these symptoms are expression of the "work on our light body", which is accomplished by higher spiritual or "extraterrestial" beings and of course is "only for our own good". (see our story "CFIDS - Syndrom: Challenge for science, prototype for mind control").

Nevertheless we cannot totally ignore these publications, since they are believed by many social classes, due to the esoteric context - often uncritical -, and there lies a danger, which should be removed by clarification, because people are suggested here, their symptoms would be an indication for the fact that they are something “special”. For good of their own development they would have to arrange themselves with their symptoms. Explicitly people are advised not to consult a physician or a natural healer.

It remains open, who takes profit from such publication and who possibly launched it to the public. Fact is that thereby the clearing-up of the true background of CFIDS is inhibited just between the concerned people. So this doesn’t promote a "spiritual development", but rather helps them, who would like very much to cover up harmful influences of certain technical facilites.

It is beyond any doubt that in modern times, even without the existence of cell phones, HAARP antennas or electromagnetic weapons, CFIDS would exist too. The geophysical changes, which take place at present on earth, may cause the same symptoms, and it is rather probable that on end of the adjustment process to the changed environmental conditions mankind could develop higher sensitivity and spirituality (and additionally will again feel good). Technology only accelerates a development, which would exist anyway.

The fact that our terrestrial conditions change and we all gradually have to adapt to them, may contain as consequence that there probably never will be a classical "cure" against CFIDS. But it also does not mean that it would not be permitted to us to try anything to reduce pain during this transition period. The goal of all mankind is development of a higher consciousness, but not to suffer from pain.

In addition the CFIDS syndrome is such multilayered that a medical layman is not able under any circumstances to find out himself whether this syndrome is really present or not. A set of similar symptoms may occur, as seen, also with dangerous, partly even compulsorily notifiable infections, in addition, if someone suffers from CFIDS for a long time he may deliver cancer, impact accumulations or neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer, so that the this may not be underestimated by any means. The consultation of a qualified therapist who knows enough about CFIDS is highly recommended!

There are some possibilities, which enable us to help CFIDS patients by therapeutic intervention as far as possible, and additionally everyone should do something for his welfare. For a spiritually interested person however the question could rise now, whether and how he/she can do something also on this level to support the transformation process. The answer is “Yes”, of course, and it gives people a much more active, self-responsible role to everyone, than it is the case in the “channelled” messages quoted above.

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Baobab (Adansonia digitata)

It's hard to find slippery elm bark here in Italy but the stuff works miracles for checking diarrea and healing intestinal tissue. It's also used as a nutritive especially when the person can't get any food down and they need nourishment. I'm trying out Baobab fruit powder instead. It is water soluble and easily added to drinks, especially in children who need extra nourishment. Isn't it ironic that so many babies in Africa are starving when these trees grow right outside their front door! At the same time some babies here in the western world have become so allergic due to the accumulation of metabolic atrocities brought on by our highly chemicalized, stress filled and SAD diet world that they are severely limited as to what they can eat and end up malnourised like the African babies. I'm hoping this Baobab powder can help nourish these allergic children until we can successfully remove their allergies with NAET. Perhaps it can be used in chronic diarrea and malabsorption disorders like Crohn's and celiac like slippery elm powder can.

The Baobab fruit company sells the product I'm using. The below article is taken from their website.

Use of Baobab in traditional pharmacopoeia
(download "pharmacopee traditionelle Senegalaise", FR)

Everywhere in Africa the various parts of the Baobab are exploited from the therapeutic and nutritional point of view, and numerous remedies based on Baobab are quoted in the traditional African pharmacopoeia.
Nearly all the parts of the tree are used:


In Sierra Leone the root decoction is used as stimulant for sexual activity. The dry root powder prepared as a cream is used as tonic on patients suffering from malaria.
In Zambia the root brew is used to bathe children to make their skin smooth and soft.


The bark is used as febrifuge (bark decoctions, boiled for a day are used) as substitute for cinchona bark. It is beneficial as febrifuge in anti-malaria and diaphoretic treatments.
The bark rich in mucilage is used as sedative to fight inflammation of the alimentary tract. When cut, a white, semifluid, odourless, tasteless, acidic and insoluble gum seeps out, used to clean sores and ulcers.
In East Africa the bark is used as antidote against strophanthin.


An oil rich in essential fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, and linolenic in particular) is extracted from the seeds, which can be used in the human diet and in cosmetics. The oil extracted from its seeds alleviates pain from burns and regenerates the epithelial tissues in a short time, giving the skin tone and elasticity.


The leaves are rich in vitamin C, uronic acid, rhamnose and other sugars, tannins, potassium tartrate, catechins, etc. The analyses conducted on young leaves dried in the shade and pulverized, revealed a high content of provitamin A with concentrations varying between 9 mg and 27 mg (retinol equivalents) per gram of powder analysed. The macerated and compressed leaves are used to wash out ears and eyes of ill children with anti-inflammatory effect.
The leaves are used in traditional medicine by virtue of the diaphoretic, expectorant, astringent, febrifugal, hypotensive and anti-asthmatic properties, and to hold excessive perspiration in check.
They are used in diseases of the urinary tracts, diarrhoea, inflammation, insect bites, and as vermifuge in treatments for expulsion of the so-called “Guinea worm”. The leaf is used for external use by virtue of its antioxidant, emollient and soothing properties which make the skin soft and elastic.


In traditional medicine the pulp finds use as febrifuge, painkiller, antidiarrhoeal/antidysenteric drug and in treatment of smallpox and measles.
Moreover, the pulp together with the seeds and bark is commonly used as antidote against poisoning from strophanthin thanks to the presence of an alkaloid: adansonine. By virtue of the lubricating, binding and diluting properties related to the presence of pectin and glucides, Baobab pulp has recently been used as hydrophilic matrix in pharmaceutical formulations of paracetamol and theophylline sustained-release tablets (Download Article ). The pulp is considered a radical treatment for infantile diarrhoea.

Baobab fruit pulp has a high concentration of vitamin C varying between 2500 and 3000 mg/kg. The trees tested for content of vitamin C in Mali in 1994 reconfirmed their values in vitamin content also in 1997 and 1998.

Nutritional properties of Baobab fruit pulp

100 g of Baobab fruit bulb contains 75.6% total glucides, 2.3% protein and a very low content of lipids, equal to 0.27% of total lipids. The Baobab fruit is known for its high content of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). In particular, the pulp can provide up to 300 mg of vitamin per 100 g, a quantity equal to about six times that contained in an orange. Ascorbic acid plays an extremely important role from both a nutritional and therapeutic point of view. For a long time known for its ability to prevent scurvy, vitamin C finds more and more significant use, because of its antioxidant properties and its ability to protect the organism against harm induced by free radicals. The fruit also contains appreciable quantities of other essential vitamins, such as thiamine (vitamin B1) and riboflavin (vitamin B2), essential for optimal development of the organism and for maintaining cellular integrity of the nerves, skin and ocular epithelia, and niacin (vitamin PP or B3), important to regulate many metabolic functions.

Furthermore, the fruit contributes to the injection of some essential minerals and fatty essential acids. In fact, 100 g of pulp contains on average 293 mg of calcium, 2.31 mg of potassium, 96-118 mg of phosphor and alpha-linolenic acid (27 mg of acid per gram of dry product).
The characteristic sourish taste of the pulp is due to the presence of organic acids, such as citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid and succinic acid.
Owing to the nutritional properties described above, when soaking the fruit pulp in water a thirst-quenching, refreshing and nutritious drink is obtained.

Dietary fibres of Baobab fruit pulp

Baobab fruit pulp supplies a quantity of soluble (22.54%) and insoluble (22.04%) fibres which can reach up to about 45 grams per 100 grams of product. Dietary fibre has by now been established as an important component of our diet, as it can affect manifold aspects of the digestive physiology. Frequent consumption of dietary fibre associated with a diet rich in vegetables, cereals and fruit has been related to a reduction of the risk of onset of neoplasia of the digestive system, in particular colon-rectal cancer. The intake of dietary fibres by the Italian population is on average 21 g/day (of which about 1/3 soluble) with variations ranging between 18 g/day in the northern regions and 22 g/day in the central-southern regions. The ideal level of dietary fibre intake has not been defined, but it is now commonly accepted that fibres are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet. A diet of foods rich in fibres has also been related to a reduction in the risk of developing various organic disorders, such as constipation and overweight. Insoluble fibres are not assimilated by the intestine and improve the intestinal passage thanks to their ability to increase the faecal mass and stimulate peristalsis. They are mainly used to combat constipation and induce a sense of fullness, which can be exploited in a low-calorie diet. Moreover, Baobab fruit pulp due to its high fibre content (soluble and insoluble) would appear to have interesting properties, at least in vitro, for stimulating growth of bacterial cultures of the intestinal microflora.

The studies carried out on the soluble fibres contained in Baobab fruit pulp, allow hypothesizing their use as prebiotic, i.e. an indigestible dietary ingredient which on the level of the large intestine selectively stimulates the growth and/or metabolic activity of a limited number of microbic groups, important for maintaining the various functions of the human organism.
Studies carried out highlight that the water-soluble fraction of the fruit pulp has stimulating effects on the growth of lactobacilli and bifidumbacteria, such as:

Bifidobacterium bifidum A3,
Bifidobacterium longum type,
Bifidobacterium infantis type,
Bifidobacterium bifidum B16.

The functional prebiotic activity of the bacteria determines:

• Improvement of the intestinal microflora balance;
• Improvement of lactose digestion;
• Prevention of diarrhoea;
• Immunostimulating activity.(Ask via mail the results)

Nutraceutic properties of Baobab fruit pulp

Anti-inflammatory, painkilling and febrifugal properties

Studies were carried out in the laboratory with the aim of analysing the biological activity of the aqueous lyophilised extract of Baobab fruit pulp. The studies conducted showed that doses between 400 and 800 mg/kg determine a marked anti-inflammatory effect and are able to reduce inflammation induced in the limb with formalin. The effect is comparable with that expounded when using a dose of phenylbutazone of 15 mg/kg used as standard. This activity may be attributed to the presence of sterols, saponins and triterpenes in the aqueous extract. Administration of 800 mg/kg of extract to mice also showed the appearance of a painkilling and febrifugal activity comparable with use of 50 mg/kg of acetylsalicylic acid taken orally. These results justify the widespread use of this plant in popular medicine as painkiller and febrifuge.

Antidiarrhoeal properties

The typical diet of indigenous African populations, in particular children, is characterised by a low-calorie, low-protein vegetable and floury diet, lacking milk, and may potentially lead to rickets and cause organic disorders such as diarrhoea and/or dysentery. The particularity of Baobab fruit pulp is that it is effective against diarrhoea. Appropriately used, it is able to act against this disorder so widely present in African countries. A study conducted on 160 children with an average age of about eight months, reports that an aqueous dispersion of Baobab fruit pulp has significant advantages compared to the traditional “WHO solution” (World Health Organization) used for rehydrating children suffering from diarrhoea. The important constituents for this activity seem to be the tannins (astringent), mucilage (wetting), cellulose, citric acid and other typical components in the fruit pulp. Another way the fruit pulp has been used in the treatment of diarrhoea and dysentery is by preparing decoctions or soaking the pulp in milk, which is then taken orally.

Parasiticidal activity

In the state of Bauchi in Nigeria, the Dracunculus medinensis or Guinea worm is hyperendemic. A study conducted in the field of human medicine demonstrated that patients treated with Adansonia digitata applied externally felt pain relief, and that the expulsion process of Guinea worms together with healing of the sore was accelerated.

Antimycotic, antiviral and antimicrobic activity

In a study conducted on the antimycotic activity of some medicinal plant extracts, it was highlighted that the methanol extract of Adansonia digitata performs an antifungal activity against Microsporum canis, Epidermophiton floccosum and Tricophiton rubrum.
It also proved to be a source rich in substances which perform antiviral activities (Herpex simplex 1 & 2, Vesicular stomatitis and Poliovirus) and antimicrobic activities (Streptococcus pyogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Bacillus cereus and Candida albicans).

Antioxidant activity

Recent studies have shown that the leaf and the fruit of the Baobab have a marked antioxidant activity, both water-soluble and fat-soluble, preventing and combating the formation of free radicals. Download the Article published on Acta Phy., 2002, from Ambrosialab webSite

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DNA - The Biological Chip in our Cells

My musings are in blue within the article

The Biological Chip in our Cells

Revolutionary results of modern genetics

by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf

Light is in principle the oldest and most important food of the world, and still in addition - understood as electromagnetic wave - a perfect storage medium.

We know today that life in the universe is a process which is always swiming against the river. Physics predicts that everything in nature is going towards a condition of a thermal equilibrium. With every energy consuming process always also warmth is produced, which cannot be completely reconverted into work energy. This is well-known to each power station operator.

The universe favours disorder and decay rather than order and structure.

In such an environment an organism can temporarily exist only because it constantly supplies new order structures to its body using energy , briefly said: by taking up food regularly.
The physical alone demands a parasitic mechanism for survival.

For this the plants found the simplest and most direct way. With help of their leaf pigment chlorophyll they developed a procedure, in order to produce sugar from carbon dioxide of air and water using light. Plants thus predominantly nourish themselves from light. They take up energy and order condition from light particles (photons), which they integrate into their organism, thus robbing them their freedom of movement and building up own order conditions of their bodies again and again.

The animals and humans however have a metabolism which is based not on chlorophyll, but on haemoglobin, the red blood coloring material. They therefore cannot convert light to food by photosynthesis, but have to nourish themselves eating plants or other animals. They are thus rather parasites of the plant world, which also could exist without us - we however not without them. We should always keep this in mind, when we clear further forests from pure profit thinking.
"Dead" food is food that has lost the ability to store or just lost its light

Light nevertheless plays a crucial role for animal and human life too. Not only, because we become depressive if we do not expose our body with sufficient light (especially in winter).

German bio physicist Fritz Albert Popp investigates for years the phenomenon of biophotons, a natural light radiation, which is emitted from each living organism. This bio photon radiation is very weak and may be made visible only by substantial reinforcement in the darkroom.

Popp and its coworkers made the amazing observation that the radiant emittance was always stronger at the beginning, briefly after they brought a tissue probe into the darkroom, and then slowly decreased to a stable value, the normal bio photon radiation.

That means, that our body cannot only emit light, but also may take up light from the environment, which is naturally in the darkroom no longer possible, whereby it comes to the observed decrease. Thus something inside our body may store light energy, which is a proof that we nourish ourselves to a small percentage directly of light too, independently of the food which we eat.
Not only store light energy from external sources, but ala Dan Winter, we can make our own light at the cellular level, hence removing the need for a parasitic mechanism. This would help explain the "Living on Light" folks who eat and drink nothing yet thrive. Also sheds interesting light on the man in India who lives by looking into the sun every morning at certain times as opposed to eating or drinking.

It turned out soon that the looked for light memory of our body is nothing else than the DNA. It is well known that the DNA is also most deeply involved into the bio photon radiation.

From the characteristic form of this giant molecule - a wound double helix - the DNA represents an ideal electromagnetic antenna. On one hand it is elongated and thus a blade antenna, which can take up very well electrical pulses. On the other hand, seen from above it has form of a ring and thus is a very good magnetical antenna.
Just antenna or also creator and projector?

What happens to the electromagnetic energy, which the DNA takes up? It is stored quite easily inside it, bringing the molecule – simplified spoken – into oscillation. Physically we call such a system a harmonic oscillator .

Such an oscillator of course with the time loses its energy, as is observable also in the darkroom, and the time, which this procedure needs, is a measure for the ability of energy storage. Physicists call this measure resonator quality .

Fig. 1: The double helix of the DNA is at the same time ring and blade antenna

It turned out that the quality of the DNA resonator is by a multiple higher as in oscillators, which physicists are able to construct in their laboratories from technical devices. That means, the oscillation losses are unbelievably small. This confirms a long-preserved assumption: The DNA is an organic superconductor, which can still work in addition at normal body temperature! In this field science may learn still infinitely much from nature.

For example the ability of superconductors to store light was just discovered in recent time. That sounds perhaps surprising, but you should keep yourself clear before eyes the fact that light, although well known to all of us is not anything actually seizable. Light is pure electromagnetic energy, divided into small quanta, so-called photons, which – like the name already says – constantly move with speed of light. We may destroy photons by certain particle reactions, i.e. transfer their energy completely to other subjects. To "close up" a photon however, no one was able to do so far.

At the Rowland research institute in Cambridge, USA, now the Harvard physicist Lene Vestergaard Hau found out that laser light can be braked when crossing sodium atoms with nearly -270 degrees up to a speed of approximately 60 kilometers per hour. That is approximately the speed, with which we move forward with our cars on highways. For light particles it it is an absolute "snail speed". (the speed of light in the vacuum amounts to nevertheless 300.000 kilometers per second!)
Identifying with the pure self ("light") and entering "The Vacuum" the key to time travel, inner space, dimension hopping, healing, etc etc... ? !

Basic condition for this brake effect is that the medium must change into a very exotic state of aggregation, a so-called Bose Einstein condensate, which likewise includes the ability for superconduction too.

Already for a long time we know that the constance of speed of light, which represents a border in the universe according to Einstein for all subjects, applies only to the vacuum. During the passage of matter, approximately of water or glass, the speed of light is already lower. The disadvantage is that also the light itself is absorbed at the same time by the surrounding medium. From the water we know it that it becomes darker with increasing depth.

Not so with superconductors. Although the sodium atoms braked the light much more strongly than each conventional material, they remained transparent. No losses arose.

Such possibilities can become very interesting in the future, if one wants to store not only the energy of the light (as is the case for instance with the solar collector), but the light as a whole with all its characteristics e.g. the ability to be a storage medium.
One secret is in the Sun...

Superconducting computer chips will be thus capable to store light and to use it thereby for data storage. Nature invented that everything, as we see, already billions of years ago.
Hence "past life" recall, akashic record reading etc

We humans carry thus in each cell of our body a technical high speed equipment: a microchip with 3 Gigabits storage capability, which takes up electromagnetic information from the environment, stores it and - possibly in changed form - also is able to emit.
Yes, but again I think we have the ability to create our own "electromagnetic information" as well as taking it up from the environment

The technical data of the DNA as oscillator antenna are quickly determined. We know that the molecule would be - stretched out - about two meters long. Thus it has a natural frequency of 150 megahertz. Again a remarkable number, because this frequency is exactly in the range our human radar -, for telecommunications and microwave engineering. We use exactly the same frequency range for communication and detection purposes. A coincidence?
Hence "thoughts are things" and the mechanism for telepathy.

In addition the DNA may obviously store all harmonic waves of 150 megahertz too, thus of course also visible light. The 22th octave of 150 megahertz lies straight in this range. The color of this light radiation is by the way blue. Is it a coincidence that the solar radiation is broken by the terrestrial atmosphere just in such a way that we live in a world with blue sky?
Hence the phenomenon of auras, the connection of Gold to DNA (Gold )

So, does the DNA only take up the light energy, or stores and/or again emits information contained in the electromagnetic oscillation of the light by its radiant emittance? Is the DNA a further communication organ of our body, and may it perhaps even be manipulated by electromagnetic radiation?
In addition is DNA a light factory?

This is actual the case. Independent of the biochemical function as a protein producer the DNA is a complicated electronic biological chip that communicates with its environment, as latest research from Russia found out.

In the year 1990 a group of scientists got together in Moscow, for whom the study of the human Genoms was too much reduced exclusively to biochemistry. They had recognized that by this viewpoint, which is based rather on orthodox dogmatism than on objective scientific realizations a lot of information remains hidden to us.

Highly-qualified scientists belong to this group, to a large extent from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Beside physicists of the renowned Lebedev institute also molecular biologists participate, bio physicists, geneticists, embryologists and linguists. Director of the project is Dr. Pjotr Garjajev, a bio physicist and molecular biologist. He is member of the Russian Academy of Sciences as well as of the Academy of Sciences in New York.

In the eight years since establishment of the project the Muscovite group came to revolutionary realizations, which let our understanding of the DNA and the human genetics appear in a completely new light.

For example we speak today nearly naturally of the »genetic code«, thus of a systematic information coding. But the past genetics stopped here and settled the remainder of the work exclusive with the help of chemistry, instead of consulting also language experts.

Differently in Moscow. Here, as already mentioned, the genetic code was submitted an exact investigation by linguists too.

Linguistics is the science of the structure of languages. It investigates thereby not only the natural languages, which developed in the individual countries and cultures, but also artificial languages, which are used for example for programming computers and which were developed in the past decades systematically using linguistic realizations.

One examines semantics (theory of the meaning of the words) and language regularities like the syntax (rules for the setting up of words from letters), as well as the bases of the grammar.

If one uses these scientific realizations on the genetic code, then one recognizes that this code follows the same rules as our human languages.

Mind you: not the rules of a certain language (in this case e.g. the Russian one), but on such a fundamental level, where all existing languages of mankind have comparable structures. So it is possible to set the structure of the genetic code in relationship with each existing language of mankind.

For centuries scientists looked for the human original language - Pjotr Garjajev and his coworkers possibly found it.

We must turn around the relations: the structure of the DNA does not correspond to the human language structure, but the human languages follow the genetic code in their structure the rules! DNA and genetic code existed already for a long time, before first humans spoke an articulated word for the first time! Every human languages developed since that time followed the basic pattern, already existing in the structure of the genetic code.
Something to think about: How the quote "Emotion actually programs DNA" (Dan Winter) fits in with language and its relationship to /reflection of DNA.

You should not misunderstand this realization: It does not concern here an orthodox materialistic conception of the world, according to which the ability for speaking would be only a secondary effect of proteins, which are put on in some genes. The arrangement of the elementary bases in the DNA follows a grammar, an immaterial plan, which is similar to the structure of our languages.

The fact that no physical procedure is concerned here is proved by the next discovery of Garjajev's team: The analogy between the structure of the DNA and the human language is most pronounced just in the parts of the giant molecule, which are not used for protein synthesis!

For a long time one knows that only about 10 per cent of the DNA molecule are used for setting up genes. The remaining 90 per cent have a function unknown to classical science and were designated so far as »silent DNA«.

Garjajev's realization thus is a revolution for the entire area of genetics. Examining only the well-known genes calling the remainder »silent DNA«, you will miss the most important facts! It is paradoxical: just the »silent DNA« - figurativy spoken - speaks a language!

In various experiments the Muscovites group could prove that these extensive codes in the DNA are not used by any means for the synthesis of a so far unknown quantity of components of our body, as it is the case with the genes. This code is rather actually used for communication, more exactly - for hypercommunication.
How do other dimensional aspects of DNA fit here?

Hypercommunication is a data exchange on DNA level using genetic code. Since this code possesses a structure, which is the basis of all human languages, also higher information may be transported, which is able to come up to human consciousness and to be interpreted there.

Garjajev and its colleague continued still another step. They analyzed the vibration response of the DNA and found out that it follows quite complicated laws, which are however well known in the physics for a long time.

Those are the laws of nonlinear waveform-shaping, known since center of 19 century as so-called Soliton waves. They are known from observations, but so complicated that they may be calculated only with modern computers. Soliton waves are temporally extraordinarily stable and may store information in this way for a long time.

Summarizing all these realizations, one comes to a perfectly new form of the genetic engineering, possibly even to a new gene therapy.

Concerning this Pjotr Garjajev writes: »The majority tries to understand the principles of the DNA biological computer by appointing oneself exclusively to the DNA Watson Crick Chargaff rules: A-T, G-C. That is correct, but it is so not enough! The DNA chromosomale continuum in living systems has wave attributes, which lets us derive the unknown, a computer-similar program for the setting up of the organisms. The well-known genetic code is a code for protein synthesis and nothing further. Chromosomes in vivo work as solitonic holographic computers under use of the endogenous DNA laser radiation.«

This sounds like science of the 21st century and probably is. But don't forget: Garjajevs statements are founded scientifically in theory and experiment.

The consequences of these realizations are as incomprehensible as simple and logical: If one modulates a laser beam by a frequency sample, then one may affect with this the information of the DNA waves and so the genetic information itself.
Use coherent emotion to program your DNA and become laser-like with your focus/intention!

For this one does not even need to decode the language of the pairs of bases in laborious work, in order to formulate from it artificially genetic information, but one can use quite easily words and sentences of the human language! The bases of the language structures are, as we in now know, the same.
Couple those words with emotion and you have the key to "magic spells", prayer, affirmations... and telepathy?

Also this astonishing conclusion the Muscovites group of researchers could prove already experimentally. DNA substance in vivo (i.e. in the living fabric, not in the test tube) reacts to language-modulated laser light, even to radio waves, if one keeps the correct resonant frequencies.

In this way unknown possibilities are opened to the medicine. One may design devices, with which through suitably modulated radio or light radiation cell metabolism may be affected, even the repair of genetic defects is possible, without all the risks and side effects of the classical-biochemical proceeding.

Garjajevs group of researchers could already prove that with this method chromosomes may be repaired, which were damaged e.g. by x-rays. The effects on medical therapy possibilities of the coming century are immense: one can develop devices for new, subtle cancer therapy, also for the treatment of aids and for the slowing down of the aging process.
Like Clark's zapper to Rife technology

Already today devices are in use also in German university clinics, with whose assistance cancer patients are exposed to frequency-modulated magnetic field irradiation. The results are promising.

We see here that the objectives of the Muscovites researchers deviate from those of the western human Genome Project in principle. While in the western science the trend is to develop new chemical medicines from as much as possible items of information from the genes - a procedure, which is however not free from substantial risks, a potential giant business -, the Russian scientists have a rather holistic understanding of the DNA leading to the development of therapy devices, which may replace some expensive and dangerous medicine in the long term.

Quite beside from the new wave theory of the genetic code still some further interesting facts follow. For example one knows for a long time that almost any bodily function, particularly also in the metabolism and in the hormone production, can be affected by suggestive strength of the spoken word, although they run perfectly autonomously, thus under elimination of the conscious will, whereupon the impact of the medical hypnosis is based. These facts are well-known, however could not be explained so far scientifically.

The medical model of the psycho neuro immunology led back the effect of hypnotic suggestions so far exclusively to control mechanisms in the brain, particularly in the regions, which are assumed to contain subconscious layers.

Now it looks that it is much simpler: the DNA is able to react directly to the spoken word.

Also different therapy procedures, whose impact was inexplicable so far, as for instance the Chinese acupunkture, may be explained with help of the DNA wave theory in Garjajev's opinion scientifically.

If we summarize the research results of Professor Popp and Professor Garjajev, then a remarkable connection results: Light actually represents an important factor in the power supply of our hereditary molecule, the DNA. It provides healthy functioning of all procedures in our cells. However it cannot form a complete replacement for material food alone.
Until we cultivate the ability to kick the DNA into gear as a light factory, producing as much as the body needs and no less?

The information, which will transfer via the light, is much more important. The DNA communicates in this way - perhaps with other organisms or with a superordinate plan - which a morphogenetic field, which could be proven by the research in Russia for the first time scientifically.

In this way the genetic information of each cell can employ comparisons of their actual condition with a specified condition each time and arrange possibly necessary repairs. This can prevent or at least stop diseases such as cancer or aids, in addition, slow down the age process.

The modern wave genetics is one of the key technologies for the coming millennium, and we can be strained, what science will discover in this area in the very near future.

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More Coconut oil recipes - I can't get enough!

More Coconut oil recipes - I can't get enough!

Use coconut oil to fry or cook with on high heat, to make stir fries, fritters, fried potatoes or eggs. Coconut oil can be heated to temperatures higher than most other oils including olive oil without oxidizing. Add it to vegetable soup, in place of butter or margarine in baked goods, plain on crackers and in salad dressings. When making creams or other water and oil preparations, melt the oil so it is liquid, then drizzle the oil into the watery mixture as it is blending in the blender in order to make an emulsion. Otherwise the oil and water separate.

Update yourself on the medicinal properties of coconut oil including its use for weight loss, thyroid nurturing, skin afflictions and candida yeast killing.

I use only Tropical Traditions coconut oil because I like their antique and vitality preserving production methods – plus they are the only brand I’ve tasted that makes me go WOW!

All recipes personally tried and enjoyed by myself and my friends! Critters like it too, try adding some to their food.

Your best cup of organic coffee or espresso
1 tsp – 1 tbsp coconut oil
Whole cane sugar to taste
Rice milk to taste

Mix it all together and froth like a cappuccino! Sprinkle with cinnamon. If you’re missing an espresso machine, no worries, just make the cashew coconut cream and use that in your coffee or chai tea in place of milk or cream.

A Rich Toast
Mix hardened coconut oil with a little honey or rice malt to form a paste. Spread the paste thick on slices of whole grain, sourdough toast. Sprinkle with lots of cinnamon.

Berry Cocao Booster shake
400ml Homemade Almond milk
16 Fresh Raspberries or 2-3 tbls Black Cherry concentrate (Bernard Jensen's)
2 tbs freshly powdered cocao bean pieces (Nibs)
1.5 tbs Agave nectar
5 capsules of Maca (opened and emptied into the drink) or 1 tsp Maca powder
1/4 tsp Ginseng powder
2 tbs Tropical Traditions Coconut oil
4 drops absolute Vanilla (or use vanilla extract, but a larger quantity)
Pinch of Himalayan salt

Blend all ingredients well in a blender. Put in the freezer for at least an hour to make it a refreshing summer cold. Or warm gently (don't boil) if winter is your current season! Serves 1, and don't forget to chew!
Inspired by the book Naked Chocolate

Raspberry Coconut Ice Cream (No dairy and yummy!)

1/2 cup Cashew milk (Soak whole, raw cashews in water 4 hours, dump water and blend with equal parts fresh water)
1 cup Raspberry puree
1/2 cup Tropical Traditions Coconut oil, melted
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tbsp raw cane sugar (if raspberry puree is unsweetened)

Blend all ingredients except coconut oil in a blender. Slowly drizzle the melted coconut oil into the blender while the blender is running so that it emulsifies well with the mixture. Run this mixture through an ice cream maker until done. If you have no ice cream maker, try putting it like this into the freezer, or alternately, fill ice cube trays with the liquid mixture then freeze and blend the cubes together to make ice cream when ready to eat.

Cashew Coconut Cream
1/2 c raw cashews or cashew pieces (soaked for 6 hours prior, throw out soak water)
1/2 c distilled water
1/2 c melted Tropical Traditions coconut oil
1 T 100% pure maple syrup
1/2 t pure vanilla
Pinch of sea salt (optional)


1. Blend cashews in water to form a thick cream. Slowly add the oil in a fine stream until cream thickens, blend in maple syrup, vanilla and salt. Chill and serve. (Cream will thicken substantially when chilled.)

I used a Vita-mix, so the mixture emulsified pretty well. Once in the fridge for a while it gets pretty thick, like ice cream thickness.

Great on pie, in coffee as cream, a dip for fresh fruit and a spread on toast.

Super Coconut Food

Because coconut oil hardens at temperatures less than 76 F, it can be used as an agglomerating agent for just about everything if the temperature is low enough. Here’s a recipe for a superfood, full of vitamins, minerals and feel good food chemicals that can be eaten daily as a nutrient boost to your daily diet.

Combine these dry ingredients:
1Tbs Maca powder
1Tbs Ground Hemp seed
2 Tbs Ground cocoa Nibs (cocoa bean pieces, grind in coffee grinder)
½ Tbs Cinnamon
Pinch of sea salt
1 Tbs Spirulina powder

With these wet ingredients:
1 Tbs Raw honey
20 drops absolute Vanilla
3 Tbs melted Coconut oil

Blend together into a paste. Shape the paste into a shallow pan and place in the fridge to harden. Each day eat a block the size of your preference.

Whole Wheat Pastry Crust

1 1/2 c. whole wheat or other whole grain flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 c. hardened Coconut oil
3 tbsp. Hot water

Mix flour, salt and coconut oil together with a fork. Add the hot water and mix until the dough is somewhat wet. Add more water if the dough is too fatty. Roll out on a flat and floured surface to form the shape and size crust you want. Fill or bake alone until brown.

Crumbly Apple pie

This is RICH! Less of a dessert and more of a meal!

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup oat flour (freshly ground oat groats in a coffee grinder)
1 tsp marine salt
3 tbsp ice cold distilled water
½ cup ground almonds
½ cup melted Coconut oil
2 Tbs ground cocoa Nibs (cocoa bean pieces, grind in coffee grinder)

8 – 10 apples, cored, ½ of them peeled, and chopped in medium pieces
cinnamon to taste
nutmeg to taste
Bring these ingredients to a boil in a pan, then mix into the apples and spices:
½ cup butter
3 tbs whole wheat flour
½ sucanat (whole dried cane juice)
¼ cup water
1tsp vanilla

Mix all crust ingredients together, then shape to the bottom and sides of the pie pan (glass or ceramic best). There will be some left over, to be sprinkled over the apples once the filling has been added. Fill pie, sprinkle the rest of the crust over the top of the pie then bake about an hour or until the apples are soft and the crust is brown at 170 C.

Sprinkle ½ cup shaved or finely chopped 85% dark chocolate over the whole pie once the pie is removed from the oven. To make it really rich, serve with cashew coconut cream!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Thank you Paula Peterson! This article gave me an idea on making one of the treatments I do more efficient. Now putting that idea into practice, waiting on the results…


What does it take to manifest our true heart's desire and live according to our soul's purpose?

For the most part, the answer lives in the original meaning of intention: "the act of stretching out" or the "state of mind in which an act is done."

When we create, when we manifest, we are in a state of "intending". The words intention and attention emerged out of the same ancient root word and are similar in nature. We can't have one without the other. When we create, it is the focus of our attention and the power of our intention that makes it happen.

Through intention, we tend (pay attention) to the thoughts, feelings, action and form that relate to the ideas, wishes, dreams, desires and visions that we want to manifest.

As an analogy, it's similar to tending a garden: if we want to have a lush and healthy garden with beautiful plants and flowers, then we use our attention to focus on all the ways in which we can bring this about.

To grow your beautiful garden, you take the time to find the healthiest materials in which to build it: healthy seeds, good water, nutrient-rich soil, healthy organic fertilizers, optimum growing climate and environment. Then you add your focus, physical efforts, attitude, patience and time. The entire combination can be summed up into one word: attention!

Through the focus of our attention we make it happen. The kind of attention you put into your garden will make all the difference in the world. If a garden lacks attention it soon withers and dies, becomes wildly overgrown or the weeds take over.

Where is Your Attention?

Is the larger portion of your attention on the recent argument you had with your spouse ... going over and over the details of what was said or done?

Or are you worrying about the mistakes you made at work and how it may affect your reputation ... or promotion ... or raise?

Do you dwell on a current health issue and how it keeps you from doing this or that?

The list of situations is endless. Furthermore, when strong emotions accompany our attention, it increases the magnetic power of our focus a thousand-fold. Consequently, we will attract more situations that elicit the same kind of emotional response --- which in turn triggers the corresponding thoughts and beliefs about our self, the events of our lives and the world around us.

On the other hand, when our attention is accompanied by inspiration, enthusiasm, passion and a positive outlook ... then that, too, becomes a powerful magnet that will continue to attract the situations that will produce an increase in enjoyable and positive opportunities.

What kind of attention do you place upon the experiences you want to happen in your life? If your hopes and dreams of success in certain areas of your life are peppered with frequent doubt, fear, restriction, worry, unworthiness - then you will sabotage the outcome. Either your success will be delayed by months or years ... or it won't happen at all.

Some aspects about our life are easier to focus attention on ... and wa-la! ... it becomes almost instantly manifest. Other aspects are harder and take longer. Perhaps, it's because most of us were not trained to use the power of our minds to focus our attention in this way. Instead, most of us were taught from childhood on to use our minds and attention to memorize facts from a book, follow the rules, be like everyone else, be compliant, listen and obey the authorities, etc.

Few of us were trained to freely use the power of our minds and attention in creative fashion. Therefore, the neuronal pathways of our brains are deeply etched along the lines of following, obeying and memorizing. Consequently, we know those "trails" pretty well and they've become a habit. In fact, we know them so well, that we walk those same paths over and over in our minds in a rather unconscious manner.

How many times have you driven the same road nearly every day around the same time and not even notice the scenery? You may have even arrived at your destination and not remember much about how you got there or what you saw along the way. During those times, your subconscious mind had taken over the wheel while your thoughts and attention were elsewhere. This is very similar to how most of us navigate through life: the habits of thinking and behaving become so deeply etched in our brains that we can do most of it subconsciously without paying much attention.

But what about the unique and the unusual; the different and the new; the stretch beyond the known into the unknown and the stretch beyond the mundane into the mystical?

Few of us have had anyone train us or encourage us to venture into those realms. Perhaps this is why those particular neuronal pathways of our brain are not very well developed, nor worn away into familiar trails. Since the vast majority of humanity tend to follow along and pretty much do the same things over and over ... it becomes a real task of courage and perseverance to try something new and forge a new trail for ourselves.

In this respect, a new path - like a new endeavor - can seem daunting. It can, for a while, be more of a relief to stay on the same old familiar path and be surrounded by the same old scenery: nothing new, nothing threatening, and not much change.

But like a tight bud that must finally heed the urgings of its fundamental nature and burst forth into flowering new growth, we, too, must finally heed the fundamental yearnings of our deeper nature to move forward and break free of the old, limiting habits ... otherwise we wither and spiral downward into depression, despair and often illness.

It has been proven through clinical research that loss of mental clarity, early senility, dementia and other illnesses of the mind - like Alzheimers - are greatly aggravated by sticking with familiar habits for years and years without introducing much of anything new into ones life.

Personal Experience

From personal experience, I have seen how applying intention consciously in certain areas of life have worked extremely well while in other areas it's harder.

It seems that the stronger our beliefs are in some areas, the deeper those pathways run through our brains until some of them become menacing trenches. Picture yourself in a deep trench where the only way out is to have someone reach down and pull you out or they throw in a rope or a ladder! Sadly, many will stay in that trench for a very long time before calling for help.

When it came to my own experience of overcoming a major obstacle, it was the biggest challenge in my life at that time: to heal myself of serious, chronic, life-threatening illness.

How was it that I was able to heal myself of these ailments that severely limited me for the first 40 years of my life?

It all boils down to intention and the kind of attention I put into healing and achieving health. My success in this area came about because I made it a priority in my life. Achieving health became far more important than anything else: it was more important than money, more important than a relationship, more important than owning a house, more important than having fame or owning all those things that many of us were taught were most important - but never really are.

It took a lot of hard work and a colossal amount of my attention. Yet because I was deeply dedicated, my intention and the amount of attention I put into it became a magnet for anything and everything that could help me achieve it: the right people miraculously came into my life as guides; the perfect books appeared; the most appropriate classes and workshops showed up; the finest health practitioners showed up; the best opportunities for growth and change presented themselves to me.

After years of determination, perseverance and applying the knowledge gleaned from many sources I now have a level of health and vitality that I thought would never be possible for me. I persevered in spite of set backs, back slides and slow progress. In spite of the hurtles, my efforts totally paid off.

Now I'm learning to apply this same kind of determination into other areas of my life. Its a challenge for sure, because those ol' neuronal pathways are pretty deeply etched in some areas. But like all good things worth striving for, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

We Are Creating All the Time

Most of us are unaware that we are creating all the time - every minute of every day. Our attention is always working and focused on SOME thing. In fact, wherever our attention happens to be in any given moment, that's where the energy goes.

Think of it this way: your attention is like a magnet. And like a magnet, your attention attracts certain images, events, situations, beliefs and thoughts.

Do you believe that BMW owners are always reckless drivers? Then guess what? You'll likely attract all the reckless BMW drivers on the road to prove your point!

I knew a man who strongly believed just that ... and guess what? He got to prove his point quite frequently - which gave him the opportunity to verbally vent any accumulated hostilities through some shocking language (I had to cover my ears!). Although I was a passenger in the same car, I never saw the reckless BMW drivers. What I did see were people driving BMWs ... however, what he perceived as horrible reckless driving was not evident to me. I simply was unable to see it even though I was looking out at the same scene at the same time.

Standing next to a woman in a workshop while we're both looking straight at the speaker, I heard this woman complaining offensively about the speaker's attitude, body language and choice of words. Although I was looking at the speaker at exactly the same moment the woman was making her assessment, none of her observations were evident to me. I wondered what she was seeing that I could not see at all. Where was this woman's attention? Did she tend to dwell on some other incident - like an unpleasant interaction with a spouse? a sibling? a parent?

The more unconscious a person is about why they do what they do the more often their perceptions are skewed: they are simply not aware that their observations are being filtered through some old habits of thinking.

What you intend will surely come about ... either consciously or unconsciously. What ever holds your attention will surely hold you. Your attention and the amount of emotional force behind it gives it the power to become form. It MUST manifest itself - 'cuzz that's the way things work around here!

We can either create through unconscious intention or we can create through conscious intention. The choice is ours.

By increasing our awareness of our thinking habits and questioning ourselves on why we do what we do - we increase our ability to consciously direct the power of our intention. The intention we hold behind any act is the key to the outcome we will attract.

So be careful what you wish for ... it will likely come true!

Namaste' ~ Paula Peterson

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feed a Fever!

Feed a Fever!

Fever is nature's defense against infection
Those with fever have the corresponding illness for a shorter duration that those who try to lower a fever with drugs
There is no clear fever threshold for seizures during fever
Febrile convulsions occur in only about 2-5% of febrile children and 80 - 85% of these are benign
Using anti-febrile drugs like aspirin does not protect against convulsions and creates opportunity for toxicity
See the pdf file for more fever info!

From See link for fever encouraging treatments
"Fever is not a disease but a condition in the body wherein the balance of circulation has become disturbed. This is nature's way of trying to burn out the toxic poisons. When the body becomes exposed to excessive chilling or dampness, the capillaries near the surface contract and the pores close by becoming obstructed with body waste matter. This results in a containment of body heat and a sudden rise of body temperature. In fever the natural body function is to increase the heat to a point wherein the thick glutinous and fibrinous matters loading and congesting the system are made liquid enough to pass through the fine and delicate excretory membranes and tubules"

Dr. Christopher's cold sheet treatment

How I do The "COLD SHEET" Treatment, explained by Espen

The "COLD SHEET" Treatment is several hundreds of years OLD, NATURAL and POWERFUL Healing Method

By inducing an Artificial Fever known as HYPERTHERMIA, you can cure many diseases!

It is one of the most powerful of all cancer treatments!

HYPERTHERMIA can be used with Common Health Problems, such as Flus and Colds, and DEFINITELY should be used with MORE SERIOUS Pathogenic Disease Processes, such as Pneumonia, Cancer, and AIDS!!

It is important to do all 8 steps!


Here is exactly what I do, when doing "COLD SHEET" Treatment.
My wife is helping me. You will have to have someone to help you, it is too complicated to do it alone!

It shuld be done inside house, and you definitively need a bath.


COLD Enema to clear LOOSE Fecal Matter out of my Colon, before I begin "COLD SHEET"

I add Herbs to the Water, such as Catnip or Red Raspberry.

A COLD Enema causes the Rectal Area to contract, which HELPS to RETAIN the Fluid LONGER, before I EXPEL the Herbal Tea and the LOOSE Fecal Matter.


After expelling the Herbal Tea, the next Step of the "COLD SHEET" Treatment is the "GARLIC INJECTION"!

I take Rectal Syringe from the Drug Store (a wider tube), that allows not only water, but also small particles of garlic to enter colon.

I take 8-10 LARGE Organic Garlic Cloves in a Blender with 50% Apple Cider Vinegar and 50% clean Water.

Dr. Richard Schulze says it's like NAPALM in your Rectum!

I put this Solution in with the Rectal Syringe, but I get it in QUICKLY ALL at once, because once it is inside, I don't feel like keeping it there ... I want it out !

"It's POWERFUL and it BURNS!

I RUN to the Toilet, but it doesn't ALL come out.

In about 2 minutes, the Burning and the Cramping go away.


I take a HOT Bath, which is as HOT as I can support, without burning my skin!

Before I enter the Tub, my wife place the following Herbs in the HOT Water:

1 oz. or more of Cayenne Pepper
1 oz. or more of Ginger, and
1 oz. or more of dry Mustard. Get GOOD HIGH-POTENCY Mustard, since MOST of the American Mustard is quite WEAK!

I coat my Genitals with PLENTY of Vaseline for Protection, because Olive Oil ALONE can't do the Job! The Cayenne, Ginger, and Mustard, that I use in the "COLD SHEET" Treatment are NOT LOOSE in the Water, but are put in a VERY LARGE (made-up) Tea Bag. (The burn becomes intolerable if the herbs are used loose in the water! - lovebean)

If you put them in LOOSE, you'll plug up the Drain and create a REAL MESS!

I use a small cotton pillow case, and I put all herbs inside, and inside hot bath water.

Squeezing it several times for as long as 10 minutes will make more of it get into the water.

The Water turns a Yellowy Orange, and the scent is very strong!

These HOT Herbs HELP to induce HYPERTHERMIA.

To further ACCELERATE HYPERTHERMIA, I drink HOT Herbal Tea, while I am inside, in the Bath.

According to Dr. Schulze, "For adults, the BEST bitter Diaphoretic (fever-inducing) Tea is Yarrow, which was what Dr. Christopher suggested."

I prefer Ginger instead, since it is a taste, that I and most People KNOW and LIKE!

Ginger really ACTIVATES the Digestive System, makes you SWEAT, and it's also readily AVAILABLE! I'm always looking for the Herbs, that really WORK and are EASY-to-get at your local Health Food Store.

You can even get minced, dehydrated Garlic Cloves, if you have NO other choice. Now you've got the Garlic for the Rectal Injection, and everything that you will need for the "COLD SHEET" Treatment, from the Grocery Store. Drink as many Cups of the Herbal Tea as you can get down, but the MINIMUM is 6!

If you get LIGHT-HEADED and you feel like FAINTING, have your Helper place a COLD Towel or Washcloth on your Forehead. Also, there are 2 Herbal Tinctures (Home-Made), that you should ALWAYS have on hand: CAYENNE and LOBELIA!

CAYENNE PREVENTS People from fainting and LOBELIA STOPS FULL Body Spasms, that can occur SOMETIMES!

When I get to the Point, where I know that I can't stand it 1 Minute MORE, my wife makes sure I stay for about 5 MORE minutes!


Now, My wife helps me out of the Tub, and then wrap me in the "COLD SHEET"!.

This is a Double bed-size, clean, White Cotton Sheet (NOT Synthetic Fabric), that has been soaking in a Bucket of 20 Pounds of ICE, so that this "COLD SHEET" is definitely ICE-COLD!

I don't even NOTICE it though, because I am in ANOTHER World!

"COLD SHEET" signals the Body to raise it's Temperature even HIGHER!

The sides of the Sheet are then pinned, so that I can NOT throw it off.

This "COLD SHEET" draws-out the POISONS and TOXINS, that have come to my Skin's Surface as a result of the HOT Bath!


Now, my wife helps me go into Bed.

The Bed has been prepared by putting a Plastic or Rubber Sheet over the Mattress, then a Cotton, Wool, Linen, or Silk Sheet (ANY Material that BREATHES - NO Synthetics) is laid over that. I lie down, while wrapped in the "COLD SHEET" and another dry, Non-Synthetic Sheet is put over me, and then I am covered with Non-Synthetic Blankets.


Lastly, with my Feet uncovered, my Feet and Ankles are oiled with Olive Oil, a thick Paste of Vaseline (VEGELATUM - Vegetable-based Substitute is preferable) is then applied and the Garlic Paste.

Garlic Paste is made with Vinegar, is applied to the Bottoms of my Feet to help get RID of ANY Infections in the System.

I use 2-inch gauze or torn, White Cotton Strips as a Bandage to hold the Garlic Paste on the Sole of the Foot. White, Cotton or Wool Socks are placed over the bandaged Feet.

Then, my feet are again COVERED with the "COLD SHEET".

The bottom of this "COLD SHEET" is pinned, so I am in a WET Sack. Then the DRY Sheets and Blankets are pulled over my Feet for WARMTH.

If you have to urinate, then just do it where you are, and do NOT take the "COLD SHEET" OFF!!

The Urine won't HURT anything, and it's NOT worth being REWRAPPED in the "COLD SHEET" and then having the Garlic Paste REAPPLIED!


I stay in the Sheets OVERNIGHT and, by the Morning, the Sheets have turned Multi-Colored from ALL of the POISONS and TOXINS, that have been drawn OUT of the body.

Dr. Christopher said that sometimes the Sheets turn ALL Shades of Purple, Yellow, Black and Green. These are the different POISONS and TOXINS, that have been in the Person for Years - sometimes for the Person's WHOLE Life!


In the Morning, I get brushing with a sponge from my wife.

I love this part.

I take 1 Part each of WARM Apple Cider Vinegar and Distilled Water to get the remaining POISONS and TOXINS out of the Pores.

Then, I get dressed into CLEAN Clothes and I am back to Bed.

I only eat Fruit and Vegetable Juices, Herbal Teas, and lots of Distilled Water for the next 3 days, s to provide a TOTAL Cleansing.

Juice fasting is something that youy should definitevly try before you try hypertermia!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Squat on the Pot for Health

Those who aspire to longevity
Must keep their bowels clean;
Those who wish to delay death
must keep their bowels unobstructed.

Taoist writer Ko Hung

Have you ever bonded with the bears and mountain lions by leaving your own scat track in your local forest? If you have it was probably one of the most satisfying and facile releases you’ve ever had. Not only because you were miles from a toilet and the sense of urgency prompted you to use the forest instead, but also because you were probably squatting during the procedure.

In 1998 I visited England for a mixed volleyball and tourist trip. While there we browsed one of the monarchy’s old castles and I remember the exhibit and story of the creation of the “first toilet”. The story went that the inventor of today’s common flush toilet was a member of the royal family who believed that royalty should be sitting on a throne even while pissing and shitting. Leave it to royalty to create one of society’s greatest bowel blockers.

While sitting on the toilet, the lower end of the colon is bent upwards, meanwhile the feces must exit downwards. This requires that when defecating, the muscles of the colon must put out an extra effort in order to evacuate the bowels. If the person already tends toward constipation and the feces are hard, this usually results in grunting and pushing, or sitting on the pot for several minutes reading while the feces come out in waves. All that pushing breaks capillaries, provokes hemorroids and the inability of the colon to evacuate all its remnants (autotoxicity follows).

Squatting on the toilet (or in the woods if you prefer) on the other hand points the colon and rectum in the downward direction, aiding the colon muscles so they don’t have to overcome gravity in order to evacuate. As a result the colon muscles don’t have to work so had and the feces exit smoothly, easily and entirely, in one movement of the colon. If you just have an inkling of a BM coming on, you’ll find that the squatting position itself will bring it on full force and allow you to evacuate fully.

When squatting on the toilet with shoes on, lift the seat and stand with one foot on each side of the rim. Squat down with your knees to your chest. Hold on to the toilet paper holder to keep your balance if you must. (I haven’t fallen in yet!) This technique is great at home, and has resolved the conundrum of sitting on a public toilet seat in case of needing to defecate.

In Europe this is easier, as many public toilets are of the Turkish style, which consists of a hole in the floor. Squatting over this type of toilet is the traditional way of using it, and indeed most of the rest of the world and the animal kingdom squats when defecating.

Yes, there are many other factors in resolving and avoiding constipation that must be taken into consideration as well: diet, exercise, the amount and type of water drank, food intolerances and gastro-intestinal function. Squatting on the toilet is one more thing that can help keep the colon clear, which helps keep the whole body blockage (disease) free.